‘A Winter Ritual’ (2010)




‘A Winter Ritual’ is a practitioner-based creative exercise documenting the everyday processes involved in the construction of a space and the creation of a place in relation to experienced local interactions and acquired theoretical approaches. Making use of Alternative Visual Anthropology, ‘A Winter Ritual’ functions as an experimental auto-ethnographic and micro-sociologic documentation of the local context of CeRCCa, a Residency Program I developed in my hometown Llorenç del Penedes a small village located near Barcelona.

‘A Winter Ritual’ is a documentary that embodies the dualism between what we understand for ‘theory’ and what we experience as ‘practice’ and represents a critique of this dualism. This critique is further explored in the text you are about to read.

‘Theory as Practice’ won the MA Critical Arts Management Course Director Prize for Outstanding Achievement’ at LSBU, London (UK) and has been published at the catalogue of World of Art Program organized by SCCA Ljubljana (Slovenia)

‘A Winter Ritual’  has been presented at the Summer School for Art Curators’ in Yerevan and Ijevan (Armenia and at the World of Art School for Art Curators organized by SCCa Ljubljana (Slovenia).

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